About Us

At ARDI Engineering Solutions we take pride in our skilled team of engineers. Our team aims to provide high-quality professional Systems and Network Enterprise services with an emphasis on emerging technologies. Our focus on emerging technologies is informed by the rapid technological advancements witnessed since the turn of the century.

Furthermore, we offer tailored IT software solutions geared to meet challenging requirements in e-Business, e-Government, Networks, Communication, and Management. As an emerging technology firm, we have focused our energies on providing innovative IT solutions while paying close attention to service improvement.

Since we launched our services, we have invested our time in learning and internalizing a wide base of corporate knowledge. We have established this knowledge with our incisive interactions with system specialists, managers, and other industry leaders. These efforts have come in handy for us; they have enabled us to be more responsive and offer total quality management to clients.

At ARDI Engineering Solutions, we are committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction. We have implemented this by paying close attention to our customer needs right from concept to implementation.

Further, ARDI Engineering Solutions supports client’s Enterprise Architecture on time and within budget. Also, ARDI Engineering Solutions combines the industry’s best-practice guidance with Federal Government’s guidance (e.g. NIST, GSA, etc.) to deliver products and solutions that match the organization’s mission and vision.

ARDI Engineering Solutions LLC provides Systems & Network Enterprise Services to our federal clients throughout the US from Gainesville VA.