We provide top notch services aimed at providing our clients with sustainable IT solutions that match their diverse requirements. These services include:

Network design and implementation

Ever wondered what an effective network design would do for your business? ARDI Engineering Solutions network design and implementation is geared towards business efficiency and growth. Right from cloud storage to wireless networking we have committed our solutions to elevate your venture to the next level.

Network O&M

We strive to keep your network at an optimal level operational wise. We are also concerned about your network safety in our O&M service, ensuring you access your technological platforms with ease.

Network and System Security

At ARDI Engineering Solutions we stop to think, just how secure are your network and systems? This is the part where anti-viruses are introduced upon your platforms, as viruses go a long way to frustrate your smooth workflow. The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) identifies fast spreading threats which cause daunting situations within your Enterprise.

VOIP design and implementation

Voice over Internet Protocol enables one to use the internet as a medium of telephone call transmission. This happens when voice data is sent in packets. This platform takes your business’s communication efficiency to the next level bringing about convenience and flexibility.

Net Architecture and Development

Net architecture and development keep our clients up to speed with the most recent advancements in tech. NET is a development platform that ARDI Engineering Solutions engages to achieve this endeavor.v

JAVA architecture and development

Here we engage our skilled and knowledgeable staff of engineers to create sets of computer software and specifications. We treat programming to develop JAVA with cardinal essence. This has placed us ahead of the competition in JAVA architecture and development.

Microsoft Certified Solution

Using the necessary Microsoft technologies and platforms we develop custom business applications aimed at improving business efficiency and sustainability.

IT Infrastructure Support

Our IT Infrastructure Support involves aid with your hardware, software, networks and IT facilities. This helps our clients to achieve effective IT management with a continuous and sustainable flow of services.

Virtualization and IT consolidation

Virtualization is the development of a virtual state of an operating system, server, network resources or storage device. Consolidation, on the other hand, is the uniting of this virtual platform. This service is geared towards harmonizing our clients IT operations and facilitating quality service delivery.

Cyber security concept, circuit board with Closed Padlock
controls computer room

ARDI Engineering Solutions LLC provides IT Solutions & Services to our federal clients throughout the US from Gainesville VA.